• Nicole Sansone W.

    Marketing Manager, Banco de Chile

    "We have been working with ASIA Marketing and its One Week tool for almost two years, and with very good results. We came to them looking for a quick way to measure our campaigns when they went on air and we found a tool that is far more complete and has great potential. We invest large budgets on television every month, which is why we must be 100% sure that our campaigns attract the attention we expect of them and communicate what they are supposed to communicate. One Week gives us quick recommendations on aspects that can be easily changed and which will help to significantly improve campaigns' performance. We have found new uses for the tool over time, which have allowed us to make important decisions, such as what the best institutional music for our campaigns is. We are very satisfied, not just with the tool, but also with the service and the human team, as the response times and quality of analysis have always fulfilled our expectations."

  • Máximo Morel Guzmán.

    Vice President of Marketing Minvest, Gildemeister Holding

    "For us, tracking variables like Top of Mind, Publicity Memory and main attributes developed by Asia has been a fundamental tool for measuring the effectiveness of Hyundai's communication campaigns and for establishing concrete strategies to improve our efficiency, both in terms of creativity as well as investment and marketing development. The tracking's weekly frequency takes the temperature of our brand and its main competition and it has allowed us to statistically measure the performance of our strategies, establishing control measures and specific plans of action for both the long- and short terms."

  • Luis Orellana.

    Gerente Manager SANCELA CHILE

    "We have undertaken a series of studies, with very satisfactory results, in the three years that we have worked together with Asia Marketing: One Week, Concept Test and BPT (Blind Product Test). Donnasept is a female sanitary protection brand that invests in TV every month and One Week is the tool that has helped us to test commercials before they go on air. The results reassure us that our ads are efficient, attractive to the public, and we can also work on the issues in need of improvement. With regard to the BPTs, they have helped us enormously with qualitative and quantitative metrics when it comes time for launches. Our brand has quite a number of novelties for the market and along with Asia Marketing we have been able to engage in measurements that tell us whether customers will like a product. We are very happy to be working with ASIA Marketing, as it is a serious company. We believe in the results that they provide us with and their track record stands out when it comes to making proposals and engaging in analysis."