Advanced research in Market Studies and Data Mining.

  • One Week, Advertising Test

    With One Week, you will discover opportunities second by second to optimize a creative idea, narrative or execution. It takes 7 days and is applied to finished commercials and animatics.

  • Semantic Map

    The Semantic map is the map that describes how the consumers of your brand and the competition think. It is the map that describes how consumers think on a conscious and unconscious level.

  • One Day

    The majority of customers in a salesroom move in similar ways at the same time and on the same day. Shopper Understanding measures the behavior patterns of sales visits and discovers opportunities.

  • Brand Tracking

    Brand Tracking monitors a brand's development in a competitive environment, in one of dispute over your brand's values. In addition, it links publicity with sales and serves as an early warning system.

  • Concept Product Test

    Avoid making the mistake of projecting your personal ideas or feelings about an offer onto consumers. CPT helps to improve the attraction of a product's promise and performance based on consumers' feelings and emotions.

  • Sales Drivers

    A Product's Sales Drivers are emotional and rational and exist on three levels: what is expressed, what is silenced, and what is unconscious. You forge intimacy with your customers using Sales Drivers.

  • Sales Forecast

    Look forward and optimize your logistics. Sales Forecast estimates your sales 3 months in advance in a more accurate way than by using a 12-month variation, thanks to advanced micro-econometric analysis and the consideration of the macro-environment.

  • Pricing

    An inappropriate price is a broken bridge between your brand and your target. With Pricing you will know ahead of time what the bridge price with your target is, the maximum and minimum prices, the demand curve, elasticity and the gap between the perceived value (PSM - Price Sensitivity Meter) and the price.

  • Ad-Hoc Studies

    Do you need a different and more appropriate information proposal for a specific need? ASIA Marketing's interdisciplinary team will provide you with a proposal for a tailor-made creative solution within 24 hours.

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining is the practical application of behavioral science, which uses advanced statistical and computer methodologies to analyze large quantities of data and to turn them into profitable information.

  • Two Days Advertising Test

    Explore a diverse universe with polls applied to households that are geographically distributed and with highly experienced work teams to provide advanced in-depth analysis results at an unprecedented speed.

  • Eye Tracking

    Eye Tracking is a complementary tool for analyzing publicity spots, websites, packaging designs, exhibits and all means of visual support for marketing activities.