Videos: Somos ASIA Marketing One Week

EYE TRACKING is a complementary tool for analyzing publicity spots, websites, packaging designs, exhibits and all means of visual support for marketing activities.

EYE TRACKING is one of our measurement, analysis and comprehension services for spectators, shoppers and consumers.

The eye can distinguish over 5,000 colors, while language verbalizes no more than 50. Language is not enough to describe the visual experience.

In 7 days, One Week evaluates narramatics, animatics or finished commercials. It is a study that integrates advanced micro-econometric analysis with a 360º focus from an interdisciplinary committee to improve a creative idea or execution.

In addition, the One Week attention curve reveals how consumers experience and feel your commercial from second to second.

An exclusive ASIA MARKETING preview for clients who need a swift response to the challenges of a dynamic and changing market.

Explore a diverse universe with polls applied to households that are geographically distributed and with highly experienced work teams to provide advanced in-depth analysis results at an unprecedented speed.

We are a Market Research Agency